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There are a number of benefits associated with hosting the annual National Conference of Law Reviews. The host school has the chance to gain national recognition for both its law review and its law school. By hosting the NCLR, the host review bolsters its image as a leader in both the legal writing community and the larger legal community. Furthermore, as ex-officio member of the Executive Board, the host review has the opportunity to take part in the decisions of the NCLR Executive Board.

Reviews that are considering hosting the annual conference should begin planning at least two years in advance of the proposed conference date. Ideally, at the annual spring conference, the prospective host review will bid to host the NCLR conference two years in advance of the present conference. For example, prospective host reviews for the 2016 and 2017 conference will bid at the 2015 conference. Prospective host reviews are invited to give a brief presentation before the Executive Board and the General Assembly.

The NCLR invites all members to submit bids to host the annual conference. If your review is considering hosting the 2018 conference, or any future conference, please download the following application and contact the NCLR National Headquarters for further information.

2017 NCLR Host Procedures and Application Form
2018 NCLR Host Procedures and Application Form

Note: if you would like to host a conference beyond 2018, use the 2018 application form. Email: